The FigArts consists of small familiar farms that work assiduously to cultivate the kind of squishy figs, which are called “black mission”. The aspiration of the producers is to set the pace of the “black mission” figs as a fresh gastronomical suggestion in Europe. This ambition can be accomplished not only through the distinctive flavor and the mellow scent from the highly quality products, but also from the consistency and responsibility to all demanding customers.


The FigArts company is found in 2016 in Greece. Actually, its business activity has been set about three years ago. George Nalmpantis, the inspirer of this idea, although he is an offspring of “ rural” family, professionally he comes from the industrial space, which was left behind after his decision to deal with those cultivations. The first family plantation of the great variety “black mission” became in 2009. Closely, the “black mission” figs through the high quality, punctuality and flexibility are established in the purchasing of the North Greece and the capitals on the wider Balkans.

We are almost prepared to accept new challenges and collaborations and also, to comfort in new demands creating a confidence sense with our partners as well as our customers.

The FigArts searches out new production techniques on the complete management of the squishy figs, creates also dynamics which are proceed from the connection and the collaboration of many producers that constructs the base of its productions.

We have the obligation to always be “fresh” as fresh as our product. Our aspiration is the establishment of the “black mission” as an unique and prospective gastronomical proposal in Europe.


Despite that dried figs are available all year around, there is nothing to compare with the unique taste and the texture of a squishy fig. It is intense, which combines the mellow taste with the unique texture of its red flesh, the smoothness of its skin and the crispy sense of its seeds. In the south areas of our country, we can find out spades from the June to October, whereas at North Greece there are available from the late of July - August to the middle – late of October. The squishy figs are sensitive and tender, therefore usually, they should be eaten among one to two days after of their buying. The figs must be preserved in the fridge roughly 4 to 5 days. The mature figs should not be cleaned until the consumers are ready to consume them, however, if the figs are not still mature, you have to keep them in room temperatures until their maturity. The figs could be consumed either with or without peel, that depends on its thickness as well as the personal preference.

The fig is the fruit of the tree, which scientifically called “ficus the carica” (Ficus carica) and originated from the family of moraceae. Its leaves are big, which have shape of heart and are separated into pods. It has lush deep roots, that grow well even through of the rocks slits for the finding of water. The body of the tree gets close to 8m and it could be thrived to dry, sandy and rocky grounds. There are approximately 600 kinds of figs around the world. In Greece, there are kinds of figs, which are distinguished in relation to the color (white, green and black) and the trees bear one or two times per year.


Picking procedure

After the picking period of the fruits, starts the reinforcement, the maintenance and the widely ministration of the tree in order to be prepared for the new season. The lubrication with azotics becomes during the winter in the period of the rains. The pruning is done in the cup shape and every 3 to 4 years the branches are cut down to keep up the body of the tree, which they would either move away or they would include and enrich the ground with the support of the machines. After that, follows the sprinkling with “winter pulp”, which helps in the maintenance of the tree in the Winter. In the Spring, the weed controls become with a soft tillage, which incorporates the plant trimmings and enriches the ground with organic ingredients.


In May, there is the green/tender pruning that helps in the finest lighting and ventilation of the trees, and also, it helps in the improvement of the fruit quality. The irrigation becomes with droplets and the first watering starts in June and continues during the summer. The fig picking begins from the first ten days of the August and finishes in the end of the October. The figs are collected before they mature in order for the producers to have a better handling for their transport and maintenance. The figs transport from the field in a specific place, which becomes the selection with manual and mechanical equipment that remove the appropriate fruits and the rest, are organized and categorized in relation to their grammars, are packed in packs and are kept safe in maintenance champers until their sending.



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